Research Groups

This format of presentation aims to promote the work carried out by teams of researchers of different levels of education who are dedicated to discourse studies. It is also to strengthen the dialogue between these different groups and different objects, theoretical frameworks and analysis methodologies.

The group must be characterized by a research they condut together and this research does not necessarily need to be the same registered at CNPq, even though it is interesting that it is justified for that reason.


  • It is of total responsibility of the coordinator (or coordinators) to register the research group by sending an email to ( The subject of the e-mail must be GROUP REGISTRATION and it must have independent Word files (.doc), with an individual abstract for each member of the group who is going to participate in the event and also an abstract with general information about the group. These abstracts must be formatted and named following the General rules and guidelines for submissions.
  • The coordinator and the group members should proceed to the registration as described in the Registration tab.
  • After receiving the letters of acceptance for the group presentation, the coordinator and the research group members should individually provide the payment by sending an email to ( with the subject REGISTRATION PAYMENT, asking how to proceed.


The COORDINATOR (or coordinators) of the research groups is responsible for:

  • Deciding how many and which are the most relevant papers to be submitted and presented in a time limit of 40 (forty) minutes, with 5 (five) to 10 (ten) minutes for questions and answers.
  • Determining a format of presentation that is proper to the participants, considering the total time of the group presentation.


There is no limit to the number of participants in each group. The coordinator is responsible for deciding how many and which members should attend the presentation, considering the total time for the group (40 minutes).  


If the researcher is a member of more than one group, it is possible to register for up to two groups. In this case, it is not necessary to make the payment of two inscriptions.


Undergraduate students who conduct undergraduate research that are interested in presenting a paper can apply for presentation in the modality Research Group (if the undergraduate student is member of a research group) or in the modality Panel.

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